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Revival: The Addiction and Self-Discovery eMagazine- Available Now!

Happy Monday!! Are you ready for a new, exciting week? We are! Why? Because it’s finally here- the first edition of our recovery eMagazine: Revival: The Addiction and Self-Discovery Magazine!

Click here to view it now!

Jessi and I are constantly looking for new ways to spread information and encouragement while also combating the stigmas associated with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Thus far we’ve done so with our regularly updated blog, our social media outlets, and a series of eBooks available for free download. Now we’re branching out in a new direction by giving you the ability to subscribe to our monthly recovery eMagazine, where we will provide new, valuable insights into a variety of addiction recovery-related topics.

Categories include:

  • Featured articles based on the monthly themes: July’s theme is new beginnings!
  • Faces of Recovery– where we feature your inspirational stories!
  • Recovery Advice– the section for helping you navigate difficult situations in your recovery.
  • Sobriety Tips– here we prove that being sober doesn’t have to be boring!
  • Self Discovery– we’ll help you reconnect with yourself in your new sober life.
  • Drug Facts– our education corner to help you and your loved ones stay informed!
  • Support Corner– a specifically designated area for helping the members of your support team

July’s edition of Revival is up and ready for download right now! With the subject of new beginnings, we wanted to provide a perfect starter kit for those who are in early recovery or about to take their first steps into sobriety. Articles you can find in this eMagazine are:

Beyond being a place for advice and information, Revival is also a recovery eMagazine platform for you, too! We are always looking for submissions, including recovery stories, poetry, visual arts, and short videos! Please don’t hesitate to use this opportunity to help the community by sharing your story- it deserves to be heard!

What topics do you want to be addressed in our eMagazine? Comment below with your suggestions!

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