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Religion and Sobriety: How Faith Impacts Sobriety

The most the general public knows about addiction recovery comes from movie scenes where characters go to long, boring AA or NA meetings, sit in a miserable little circle, and talk in dreary voices about their feelings. With that kind of representation in the media, it’s no wonder people don’t want to attend meetings.

The other reason that some turn their nose up at AA/NA organizations is the overarching religious context of the program. Religion and sobriety don’t mix for some people; that’s absolutely fine, do what works for your recovery. For others, being able to follow the guidance of a higher power enhances the recovery experience and helps them to stay on the sober path, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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Seeking healing, forgiveness, and love through the religious experience allows one to find healing, forgiveness, and love within. Religion can be the anchor that keeps one from being swept away in negative emotions or giving into urges. Prayer allows us to organize thoughts, express our troubles in a healthy way, and find the strength to brave the storm. Faith and a relationship with God helps many continue the fight and carries them through to a brighter day.

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Because we recognize that some clients may benefit from religion and sobriety, Harbor Village has introduced a faith-based, Christian Track recovery program. This voluntary program includes off site chapel services, Christian support groups, daily biblical lessons, and Christian-based 12 step programs alongside our traditional services. By combining religion and sobriety, Harbor Village is helping to build a foundation from which everything is possible.

For more information about the Harbor Village Christian Track, call us at (855) 767-8285.

Has faith aided you in your recovery journey? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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