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Rehab Myths That Stand in the Way of Recovery

As the moderator of many of Harbor Village’s social media, I often find myself fielding through a slew of comments and messages in which we are accused of a great many things. Usually those accusations include things like just wanting to fill beds for insurance money, taking payouts from pharmacies, and not genuinely caring about the recovery. Distrust of the industry and facilities offering recovery services creates a barrier that stands in the way of meaningful and lasting life changes.

So, to help dismantle that barrier and correct the misconceptions about the addiction recovery industry, let’s address two of the most common rehab myths that stand in the way of recovery.


They’re Only After the Money

There’s a saying that fits this particular rehab myth: “a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.” Media coverage of the recovery industry is often limited to exposing the crooked and scandalous ways some have taken advantage of the ill and vulnerable. That biased, one-sided way of presenting a community meant to save lives is detrimental to that very goal. Painting all detox and rehab centers in the same light because of the actions of a few is just as damaging as the stigmas perpetrated against people with substance abuse disorders.

Pointing fingers and placing blame on recovery centers as a whole is easy. It’s a safeguard for active addiction: I’m not going to get clean and sober because the whole industry is a scam. I relapsed because rehab doesn’t work anyway. I might as well not even try because they’re only going to use me for insurance money. Not only is this mentality self-defeating and counterintuitive to leading a healthier, more fulfilling life.

To put it bluntly, this perception of the recovery industry is completely backwards. Current legislation leaves the detox and rehab industry at the mercy of insurance companies. They hold the key to how facilities are able to treat clients, what treatment options they can offer, and how long treatment can last. Harbor Village is working to help change that and increase accessibility to life-saving recovery treatment. We are advocating for legislative change that will disperse this rehab myth; until then, we provide resources that can help mitigate the stress of covering the cost of treatment.


They Want You to Relapse

The idea that ethical rehab centers are so focused on profit they want you to relapse is ridiculous. When it comes to rehab myths, this one makes perhaps the least sense. While you should return to treatment if you experience a relapse to strengthen your foundation for a lasting recovery, no one is purposefully leading you toward relapse to make money. In fact, it’s often difficult for people who have relapsed to go back to treatment out of embarrassment, shame, or distrust.

Often this misconception is born from resentment. Just as with rehab myths concerning backhanded money motive, believing this often comes from an attempt to blame shift. Overcoming relapse relies on one’s willingness and ability to delve into the unaddressed causes of addiction- that’s not possible if you are focused on making it everyone else’s fault. Take advantage of all resources and support you have within your grasp.

Harbor Village created an alumni network to ensure our clients continue to get the support they need post-rehab. We provide assistance with sober living arrangements, job training, and other aid that helps keep you solidly on the path of sobriety. Our alumni services extends into supplemental tips and advice through our blog, eBooks, and guides. We even have a hotline specifically designated for preventing relapse among our program graduates. Purposeful relapse has never been our goal, so this rehab myth is only one more hurdle to jump over during the journey.


What rehab myths did you hear before you entered treatment that turned out to be false? Comment below and help us debunk these harmful misconceptions!

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