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It Takes a Village: Finding the Right Support System in Addiction Recovery

Learn to navigate sobriety and your social life with our eBook!

If you’ve been following our blog or any of our social media pages, then you know we recently released two eBooks- both of which are available for free download now! Focused on the importance of having the right support system and holistic healing for addiction respectively, our eBooks provide insight and information for readers on which they can build a stronger, more stable foundation for their recovery.

In “It Takes a Village” we endeavor to explore the effects people in your social circle on your addiction recovery- both in positive and negative ways. Through the eBook, readers are given tools for identifying the negative influences and understand why it’s vital to your recovery to remove those influences from your life. We also discuss being open with your support team regarding your needs, how and why you should talk to your kids about substance abuse and your personal experiences, and tips for navigating dating while maintaining your sobriety.

Here’s an excerpt from “It Takes a Village: Finding the Right Support System in Addiction Recovery”:

Why it’s Okay to Fall in Love

You are absolutely worthy of love. Understanding this truth is vital to all romantic relationships, during recovery and beyond. No matter your past indiscretions or mistakes, redemption always lies within your reach. Dalliances incited by the demanding, oppressive nature of a substance abuse disorder, possibly coupled with mental illness, are forgivable and do not dictate what the future may hold. Loving, healthy, happy relationships help both partners grow and improve themselves. Together, a couple learns to be open to new views and experiences; they learn compassion, empathy, and selflessness. When in early recovery, a healthy relationship can help heal past disappointment and wounds. Therapy and counseling teach one how to designate and enforce healthy boundaries, recognize positive traits and rectify negative traits in each relationship, and effective communication. Using these tools helps to form strong, mutually beneficial relationships that can endure the trials of the reformation process.

Forming unhealthy dependence on another for one’s own happiness or a sense of completion may set back the restoration put into motion by one’s efforts during rehab. That being said, viewing a new or even existing relationship as motivation to live a sober life is not as bad as one may be lead to believe. The encouragement of someone one feels strong romantic feelings for can be the driving force which pushes one through the low points in the recovery process. The dark days of self-doubt and lacking motivation are dangerous, especially if one does not have a sufficient and effective support network in place. But for those who have the support of loved ones and friends, those days are much easier to face.

        Romantic relationships formed and maintained during the recovery process and into sober living are a double-edged sword; one you need to be careful when holding. They have the power to change the course of one’s rehabilitation: for the better or the worse. When a romantic relationship is truly nurturing and sustaining, one can draw strength from it without feelings of obligation or required repayment. Support stemming from a place of love is grounding, allowing one to safely and securely explore life without addiction.


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