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Positivity in Self-Quarantine

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There has never been a more uncertain and unsettling time than the one we continue to experience on a daily basis. No one could predict we would be experiencing a global pandemic resulting in self-quarantine. During this time, people have experienced and continue to experience unanticipated situations such as job loss, income struggles, and fear of not being able make ends meet. While all of this is taking place it is very difficult to remain positive or see any form of positivity during this anxiety provoking time. 

The current state of the world is not idea for anyone. People all over the world have made unfamiliar adjustments. Living rooms and bedrooms become office spaces, different areas in the house become makeshift playgrounds, parents become full-time teachers and everyone continues to adjust to the new norm to the best of our abilities. While emotions run high for everyone impacted by the pandemic, anxiety levels continue to increase, suicide rates are on the rise, and depression and substance use continues to increase. 

I, too, have experienced panic as I watched the ways life has changed around us due to the pandemic. I started to have many questions for myself and my family, and negative thoughts took over, leaving me spiraling. It wasn’t until I was able to reach out to people within my support system and discuss how I was feeling about the current situation and fear of not knowing what was going to come next that I was able to pull out of that negative space. I struggle with fears about my livelihood and needing to take care of myself and my family, as well as the constant fear of getting sick.

At this point, I felt as though my life was spiraling completely out of control and the more I continued to feel out of control the more depression began to set in. Some days were better than others, but there was still moments where I found myself needing to push through the day. The adjustment was not an easy one, but once I was able to see and become mindful of destructive behaviors that were slowly making their way in I knew that had to be the turning point for me. I decided to take control of changing my perception of this new way of life. 

Finding Positivity During Self-Quarantine 

Despite having to quarantine myself from the outside world, I was able to change my perception of the situation and also engage in self-reflection. I took time during the self-quarantine to slow myself down and focus on goals I wanted to achieve for a long time but was always too busy to work toward.

I worked toward developing financial stability and establishing savings to help address those anxieties. I reflected on the ways I needed to adjust my life in order to achieve my goals. I recognize this may not be the case for everyone, I am solely speaking from my own personal experience during this time. What I have also been able to learn is that there is always a solution for every encounter that we experience. While it may not be the solution we want, it may very well be the solution that we need and that has been a hard pill to swallow. 

Positivity is not something that develops overnight, nor is it a mindset that is easy to obtain and maintain. Focusing on the negative always seems easier than positivity. However, through my own personal experience during this quarantine, I worked through a rough patch to get to the mindset I have today. It has not been easy, but in order to get through one of the most difficult times I have experienced during my early adulthood, it is been worth it. Most importantly, remaining in contact with my support system as part of this journey has been vital to helping me cope with self-quarantine.

If you need support, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We have telehealth services in place including online and by-phone support groups and individual counseling.


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