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End of Year Resolutions You Can Set Right Now!
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Learning to Breathe Again: Dealing with Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety hits you suddenly: a vice-like grip around the rib cage leaves you gasping for air, you can hear the blood pounding in your ears, and there’s an absolutely overwhelming conviction that everything is falling apart around you and nothing will ever be right again. The end of the world is...

Chinese and American Authorities Team Up to Halt Production of Fentanyl

Fentanyl: the ultra-powerful synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. Fentanyl has contributed largely to the recent  increase in opioid abuse and overdoses due to illicit drug suppliers using it as a cheap means of cutting heroin supplies. The consequences have been lethal...

$1 Million to Aid New York’s Fight Against Opioid Abuse

In an attempt to strengthen the fight to end the opioid abuse epidemic in New York state, the Center of Disease Control has granted New York nearly $1 million for three years to fund combative measures. Announced by the New York State Department of Health, the $995,000 supplements a $1.2...

Voices of Recovery: 6 Things That Help Me Stay Clean

By: Marc Mcmahon Preface:  *The way I am approaching recovery and staying substance free this go around is uniquely different from any other previous attempt. What is working for me is just that, working for me. I am in no way implying, that this method of recovery will work for anyone...

Recovery Story: My Weird New Life

By: Marc Mcmahon Sober Four Months and Counting   If you would have told me a year ago that I would be clean and sober over four months today, I would have laughed at you! If you told me that I would be creating a Recovery Writings and Blogs collection off...

Music Therapy: 3 Underrated Music Genres to Cure the Troubled Mind

What Is Music Therapy?  Ah, the sound of music! Did you know music has a measurable effect on our brains? It’s true. In a study measuring the effectiveness of music and anti-anxiety medications music performed better. Daniel Levitin, one of the lead researchers of the study says, “We’re using music to...

Safe and Effective Alternatives to Narcotic Painkillers

To Ban or Not to Ban Narcotic Painkillers I’ve written extensively on the potential dangers of prescription medications- specifically addictive opiates, in light of the national opiate crisis. Yet more often than not, the voices of people suffering with chronic pain go unanswered in our attempt to safeguard the population...

Calling All Harbor Village Alumni

The mission of the Alumni Services team at Harbor Village is to assist and support the addiction recovery of each and every person who we cross paths with. As men and women who have come to Harbor Village for help with your substance abuse issues, it’s our privilege to help...

What I Wish I Knew About Underage Drinking

At 25 years old, legal drinking hasn’t been an issue for me for some time. I will admit that I did partake in a few tastes of alcohol before my 21st birthday- nothing heavy at all, a small taste of Vodka out of curiosity, a shot at a party celebrating...

Stress Management in Addiction Recovery

Love it or hate it, stress is a part of life. Some people thrive in stressful situations, using them to come up with their most creative solutions; others cannot handle too much stress- it leads to breakdowns, panic attacks, and- if you’re in recovery- potential relapses. So, if stress in...

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