Partner in recovery
When Only One Partner Is in Recovery

Being on the other side of addiction and in recovery is a powerful and inspiring experience. When your eyes are truly opened to how dedication and commitment can change your life, wanting others to experience it as well is only natural. But what happens when they refuse? People are often reluctant to leave the safety […]

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Court appearance
Making Court Appearances

Unfortunately active addiction can often lead to legal trouble, leading to interactions with law enforcement and court appearances. Knowing how to properly conduct yourself during these times is important: it can make all the difference in your case. If you have an ongoing case which will require upcoming court appearances, keep these 5 tips in […]

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Managing anxiety
Tips for Managing Anxiety

One of the most prevalent mental health disorders, it’s estimated that anywhere between 18.1 to 30 percent of American adults suffer from anxiety in some capacity. This large range is caused primarily because of unreported, undiagnosed cases due to stigmas surrounding mental health disorders. This can often lead to self-medication and substance abuse, as about 20 percent of people […]

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