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Why Support Systems are Important
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Drunk Man Swims Across Detroit River Causing International Rescue

A drunk Canadian man swam across the Detroit River to the United States, which led to an international rescue operation. John Morillo, 47, of Windsor, Ontario, told The Windsor Star on Tuesday. “The thing is, I’ve been telling people I’m going to swim across the river for years and they’re like...

Heroin Use Rising In Washington State As Prescription Drug Laws Toughen

The use of heroin has increased in Washington after the state toughened their laws on buying prescription drugs. This finding is based on research conducted at the University of Washington’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute. Recently, Washington passed laws making it much tougher to abuse commonly prescribed addictive opiates such...

Report: Binge Drinking Can Cause Older Adults To Lose Sleep

A new research study published in the online journal SLEEP, found that frequent binge drinking may cause insomnia in older adults. The results spoke for themselves. It was revealed that if a study participant binged on an average of more than two days a week, he or she had an...

Thai Monks Defrocked After Positive Drug Tests

Recently, 31 monks were defrocked because they failed urine drug tests. The monks were from the Ban Mo district of Saraburi province. Most Buddhist groups denounce the use of drugs as causing “heedlessness” and have been said to “hinder the path to enlightenment.” It was reported that the monks will...

Study: Most Pregnant Women On Methadone Taking Illegal Drugs

Most women who are already on methadone maintenance are consuming illegal substances and then giving birth to drug exposed babies. A study published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Edition stated its findings after interviewing and testing 56 mothers for a variety of illegal drugs....

Indian Tribe May Remove Alcohol Ban To Fund Substance Abuse Care

After 100 years, South Dakota’s Pine Indian Reservation is talking about lifting its ban on alcohol. The reservation plans on using the money to pay for alcohol abuse care and prevention. According to the news story, Pine Ridge Reservation Considers Legalizing Alcohol, the reservation’s Oglala Sioux’s tribal council opened the...

Drunk Man Directs Busy New York City Traffic

An intoxicated man, Hector Santiago, has been illegally working as a New Jersey Transit traffic control employee and directing traffic at a busy New York City intersection. Santiago said he is homeless and an alcoholic. NJ Transit told NBC 4 New York that Santiago is not an employee and is...

Roadside Drug Testing Approved In England

In England, roadside drug testing utilizing a “drugalyzer”will soon be a reality. Drivers who abuse many types of illegal drugs or prescriptions will face jail under a crackdown that also imposes a ‘zero-tolerance’ limit on illegal substances such as cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. Drivers under the influence of drugs would...

Study: Drinking Beer Can Create The Urge To Consume More Alcohol

A research study has found that drinking a small amount of beer may trigger a part of your brain’s reward system and give one the urge to consume more alcohol. Researchers have found that when someone drinks, there are sensory cues that may affect certain parts of the brain, which...

Report: Drinking Moderately Can Dull Your Brain

A new research study published in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism states that even moderate drinking can permanently slow down one’s brain. For the study, researchers at Spain’s University of Santiago de Compostela measured the results of 26 binge drinker students—those who drank at least six units of alcohol at...

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