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Why Support Systems are Important
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Rising Heroin Use In Vermont Creating Need For More Abuse Centers

Heroin and opiate abuse is increasing rapidly in the cities and small towns of Vermont. “It is in every town, every hamlet and every back road in Vermont,” Burlington Police Chief Michael Schirling told the gathering. “The dealers that we’re arresting in Chittenden County on an ongoing basis are the...

Alcohol Abuse A Chief Cause In Emergency Room Visits

A recent study has found that five brands of beer are accounting for most of the alcohol-related visits to the ER. The five beer brands were: Budweiser, Bud Ice, Bud Light, Colt 45 and Steel Reserve. Lead study author David Jernigan says:”Understanding the relationship between alcohol brands and their connection...

Drug Abuse Costing Florida Taxpayers $300 Million

The Florida Department of Corrections reports that taxpayers are spending an estimated $300 million a year to house people incarcerated for drug offenses. The cost of incarcerating a drug offender for a mandatory three-year prison sentence in Florida is estimated at $58,400, while the cost of treatment in a work...

Baby Boomers Abusing Drugs in Record Numbers

A recent government report states that a record number of baby boomers (born between 1945-65) are receiving treatment for drug abuse. Many of these boomers grew up abusing drugs, and according to experts, they never stopped or are now taking them again to help cope with the normal stresses of...

Drug Tracking Blocks Abusers In West Virginia

West Virginia’s new pseudoephedrine tracking system has already achieved outstanding results. Thousands of illegal purchases have been prevented right at the cash register, according to the West Virginia Retailers Association. West Virginia adopted the National Precursor Log Exchange, or NPLEx, which is a real-time tracking system for pseudoephedrine sales, used...

Doctor High On Drugs Steals Heroin From Man’s Stomach

In Siberia, a Russian surgeon stole a bag of heroin he removed from a drug courier’s stomach. The doctor, 32, took the drugs for himself after removing them from the man who was feeling very ill and near death. The drug courier, was traveling on a train when he became...

Heroin Abuse Rising Rapidly In Western New York

Heroin use is increasing rapidly in cities and towns in Western New York. The chief reason for the rise in heroin use includes restrictions on attaining prescription, but addictive painkillers. Heroin is also easier to snort and is cheaper to buy. Experts say there are more than 150,000 new heroin...

College Wages War On School Alcohol Abuse After Student Dies

Washington State University (WSU) is asking for new regulations to reduce student alcohol abuse including binge drinking after a recent death of a student due to alcohol poisoning. WSU will hold more Friday morning classes to eliminate three-day binge drinking weekends and notify a student’s parents if the student is...

Women Seeking Alcohol Abuse Treatment Earlier Than Men

Results from a new study found that while men have been drinking more than women, it is women that have been seeking care for alcohol abuse an average of four to five years earlier than their male counterparts. The study’s results will be published in the January 2014 issue of...

Blocking Memory May Help Alcoholics Stay Sober

According to a new study, blocking a certain brain pathway may help alcoholics avoid relapse. During the study, which was conducted with rats, scientists found that there are certain neural pathways leading to the brain that may hold the key to preventing relapse among those suffering from alcohol abuse. Led...

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