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Why Support Systems are Important
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Florida Encourages a Multidimensional Approach for Drug Addicts

Deemed a “success story” by Pain Medicine News in their January 2015 issue, Florida has seen a drastic reduction in drug overdose fatalities in relation to prescription pills. In 2009 Florida was charged with harboring over 700 “pill mills” or pain clinics wantonly prescribing, and over prescribing, addictive opiate medications....

Drugs are Being Smuggled into Maine’s Jails

Unfortunately the disease of addiction causes people to participate in behavior that they would otherwise never consider. WMTW has recently reported that jails in maine are experiencing an uptick of drugs smuggled into the system. Their officials attempt to screen every scrap of paper and any odds and ends that...

New Research Proves the Language We Use Everyday Can Prevent Those in Need of Addiction Treatment from Getting It

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, because it’s the language we use everyday. We’ve never thought we were hurting anyone before, because it was the social norm- expected of us. Well, not anymore. New research released from the U.S.’s Drug Czar Michael Botticelli, in conjunction with Dr. John F. Kelly,...

Vicodin, a Highly Addictive Drug, Is Becoming Harder to Obtain

Hydrocodone based painkillers have just become harder to obtain around the USA. According to the Daily Press on Jan. 26th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently deemed hydrocodone based medicines (including the highly abused Vicodin and Lortab) from schedule three drugs to schedule two. Narcotics on the schedule...

Attorney General Maura Healey Talks to Parents Who Have Survived Their Children’s Battles Against Addiction

It’s no secret that drug abuse affects more than substance abusers themselves. Entire families are ripped apart by abuse, and for more reasons than you may think. Often, treatment for addiction isn’t as straight cut as it should be, parents (and victims alike) are forced to jump through hurdles just...

Opiate Addiction Treatment May Get a Boost in Mass. with $500k to Fight Abuse

Addicts suffering from opiate addiction in Mass. are about to glean a welcomed resurgence of rejuvenated prevention, education, and opiate addiction treatment programs, made possible by a $500 thousand allocation dedicated to addressing the rampant opiate abuse ravaging the state. The objective of the prevention programs is to ensure that...

Why Drug Clinics Must Give Addicts the Option for Medication-Assisted Treatment

Despite the age old debate between abstinence based drug treatment (12 step programs like AA and NA are large proponents of abstinence) and medically assisted treatment for drug addicts, the federal government has recently decreed that drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detoxification treatment centers must offer patients the option to...

Drug Abuse Prevention May Trump Incarceration Policies in the Days to Come

The U.S. is beginning to shift its policies in favoring drug abuse as a disease; programs that support drug abuse prevention, and alternatives like drug courts, as opposed to incarceration, will better address the nation’s need to rectify drug abuse. According to the Medical Express the Obama administration requested $25.6...

Freeway Rick Ross gives Bobby Shmurda Advice after Drug Arrest

The 20 year old rapper Bobby Shmurda is still being held in prison from his arrest in December 2014. The investigation lead by police found evidence against Shmurda, who has been charged with attempted murder, dealing drugs, weapons possession, and a slew of other grisly accusations. Shmurda’s lawyer, Howard Greenberg...

Drug Addicts in the UK are Killing Deer for Drugs

According to a grisly report by the Daily Mail crazed hunter drug addicts are killing deer to the tune of $300 per head, and are spending the illegally-gotten loot on drugs. What the heck? Farmers in the Gippsland area of south-eastern Victoria are allegedly finding killing deer corpses either on...

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