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Why Support Systems are Important
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Marisa Dellarmo


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Carrie Fisher, Mental Health Activist and Iconic Actress, Died with Illicit Substances in Her System

When Carrie Fisher passed on December 27, 2016, the world was in shock and in mourning. Beyond her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, Carrie made her mark on the world as a brilliant comedian and outspoken mental health and women’s rights activist. Her untimely death...

Body Positivity: 4 Ways to Love Your Body Through Recovery

In this world obsessed with obtaining physical perfection, it’s easy to get caught up in impossible beauty standards and the social pressures to meet them. With each new innovation in the plastic surgery industry, it seems like going under the knife is becoming not only more acceptable, but almost expected-...

What Genetics Can Tell You About Addiction

You may have your mother’s smile and your father’s eyes, but do you also have their addiction? Looking back into your genetics could answer many questions you have about how your addiction started and why your particular substance of choice is your substance of choice. Tracing these issues does not have...

Top 5 Songs To Get You Moving

Exercising is an essential part of your everyday routine, especially when you are trying to become a healthier version of yourself. With dancing boasting a 434 calorie an hour burn, there is no doubt that this is one of the easiest and fun ways to get in shape. If you...

Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Time Injecting Heroin

Life as a heroin addict presents challenges daily. Whether you are living with a substance abuse issue or in recovery, you can probably remember your first time using. It was the beginning of the end for some. For the lucky ones, this moment is a precautionary tale. Using heroine changes...

Top 5 Nutrient-Rich Foods for Recovery

Recovering from a life of addiction means restoring the balance of mind and body. Along the way the substances we use can throw a wrench in that balance but healing is still possible. Since the goal of recovery is to keep things out of the body that could be potentially...

Tipsy Tiger? Tiger Woods Allegedly Arrested For DUI

Things have been relatively quiet for world-renowned golfer Tiger Woods. After the scandal surrounding his divorce and multiple alleged affairs, Tiger has spent the last few years attempting to repair his public image and reputation. His life has been relatively quiet once our attention moved to the next big celebrity...

The Recovery Equation: Understanding Addiction Through Math

Math: it’s not everyone’s strong suit. I admit, I don’t struggle with it as much as some, but it’s hardly an easy subject for me, either. Rather you use it daily or not, math has it’s applications- including helping you understand addiction. It may seem like a stretch, but hear...

Your Questions Answered by an Addiction Recovery Specialist!

Taking that first step into recovery can be terrifying if you’re going in unprepared. That’s why we do our best here at Harbor Village to be as transparent as possible regarding what you can expect during treatment as well as providing resources to strengthen your journey beyond treatment. That being...

Giving Back: Working as an Addiction Counselor in Recovery

For some, recovering from substance abuse inspires a calling to give back through service. Giving back to the community by working as an addiction counselor enriches the recovery experience for both you and those you will help along the way. Just as with sponsorship, it’s important to know what you’re...

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