Nick Gordon, Ex-Fiance of the Late Bobbi Kristina, Opens Up to Dr. Phil About Her Drug Abuse: "It's The Only Way We Knew How to Cope" - Harbor Village

Nick Gordon, Ex-Fiance of the Late Bobbi Kristina, Opens Up to Dr. Phil About Her Drug Abuse: “It’s The Only Way We Knew How to Cope”

The tragic and sudden death of Bobbi Kristina continues to be shrouded in mystery, with accusations of murder and foul play being flung at the only living person who knows what happened on the night of January 31, 2015, her fiance at the time, Nick Gordon.

Over the last year and a half since she was discovered unconscious in a bathtub- much like her mother before her, Whitney Houston- Nick Gordon has done his best to avoid questioning by media outlets and law enforcement alike. His silence and bizarre behavior only sparked more speculation and accusation, especially from the Brown and Houston families.

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Now, Nick is electing to break his silence regarding his version of events of the fateful night in a new two-part special with Dr. Phil.

In the first part of the special, set to air today, April 28th, Nick speaks about discovering Bobbi Kristina’s unconscious body in the bathroom, how eerily similar the situation was to the unfortunate passing of her mother, Whitney Houston, only a few years prior, and the emotional fallout of losing two women he loved so dearly. Dr. Phil also addresses the accusations regarding Nick’s involvement in the death of both women: he has been persecuted by fans and family members who believe he is responsible for the deaths of Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston.

“I asked him straight up, ‘Did you murder Bobbi Kristina? Did you concoct a lethal cocktail that you gave her to end her life?’ There are accusations from this family that he in fact was involved in the death of Whitney and I ask him straight up, ‘Did you murder Whitney Houston?’ We’re going to hear the answers and people are going to be able to judge for themselves the credibility of his answers and explanations.”

Delving into the subject of substance abuse, which has haunted the Houston-Brown family for decades, Gordon admitted that Bobbi Kristina often used drugs, especially after the passing of her mother. “It was unfortunate but at the time that’s kind of the only way we knew how to deal with what had happened,” Gordon openly admitted.

Gordon had his own bout with substance abuse; following the death of Bobbi Kristina, he fell into such a deep hole, self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, that in the middle of their first interview, Dr. Phil sent him for treatment at a rehabilitation center. That decision to seek treatment may have saved Gordon’s life, as he talked about his suicidal thoughts and grief candidly at the time, but now appears to be in a much better headspace and general place in life.

“I was drinking so much at the time because I could not deal with what was happening to Krissy. It mentally broke me. That’s the lowest point in my life right there.”

Reportedly Nick was abusing alcohol and Xanax following the tragedy with his fiance, but Dr. Phil noted that he is much healthier following his successful completion of the rehabilitation.

Check your local listings for airing times for the first part of this Dr. Phil exclusive interview.

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