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New York Mother Goes Above and Beyond to Help Drug Addicted Son

As reported by the Post Star in the article Mother Takes Comfort in Son’s Survival of Drug Abuse (6/22), one New York mother shares her story of how she went above and beyond to help get her only child out of the clutches of drug abuse. Noting that she saw signs of his drug abuse as early as middle school, she began to do everything she could to stop his problem from spiraling out of control, which included warning his teachers not to let him off the hook for anything and she even asked the police if she could plant drugs in her own car to have him arrested. What started as marijuana use lead to repeated cocaine abuse and at times, she could not even locate her son. She did everything from read self-help books on drug abuse in families and even went as far as trying to obtain his cell phone record so the police could arrest his dealers. Finally, her son ended up in prison, where she continues to visit him for support. She believes that her son has finally realized his situation.

When a person abuses any type of drug, it does not only effect him or her—it can, and often times does affect family members, loved ones, and friends. Many parents with a child who is abusing drugs will often do whatever it takes to get their child help, just as this one mother did in New York. However, drug abuse situations can be difficult and stressful for everyone involved. Harbor Village, a luxury drug and alcohol rehab center in Southern Florida, aims to help families come together again by providing their clients with the utmost luxurious care. The first step in reducing the stress that is related to drug abuse is to get help.

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