Natural Remedies for Addiction: Medicinal Plants, Essential Oils, & Reiki: Coming Soon!Natural Remedies for Addiction: Medicinal Plants, Essential Oils, & Reiki: Coming Soon! - Harbor Village Florida - Harbor Village

Natural Remedies for Addiction: Medicinal Plants, Essential Oils, & Reiki: Coming Soon!

Hopefully you’re enjoying Holistic Healing for Addiction (Free on iBooks) and learning how to fight back against depression, anxiety, and self-hate. (Don’t forget to check out Alyx’s eBook, It Takes a Village, which teaches you how to find the right recovery support.) I loved writing Holistic Healing so much, I’ve got more in store for you! Natural Remedies for Addiction will be the second installment of Holistic Healing for Addiction. Which can be read on its own, or as a compliment.

Natural Remedies takes an alternative approach on addiction treatment, deviating from crystal healing and chakra alignment, this eBook is all about using plants, essential oils, and reiki to recover from substance use disorders. Tackling depression, anxiety, and calming anger, Natural Remedies takes you on an alternate journey of self-discovery, and gives you alternatives for prescription medications as you embark on your brand new life.

While Holistic Healing for Addiction gave you resources on how to change your perspective about addiction and recovery with vibrational techniques to battle the causes of addiction, Natural Remedies help you treat the underbelly of the condition with medicinal plants and herbs.

Largely moving away from vibrational medicine, this text offers thorough research on the best herbs and plants to use for pain relief, anxiety, inflammation, natural antiseptics, antiviral and bacterial infections, wound healing, balancing hormones, sedation, the common cold, improving memory, antidepressants, and happiness!

To live well, shifting your dependence to natural remedies will help eliminate harmful side effects from common medications.

More importantly, Natural Remedies gives you alternatives to prescription medication so your sobriety will never be in danger!

Returning to the Earth is essential for aligning your life to exclude many prescription medications, which may have precipitated the development of substance use disorders. Rounding out natural herbal remedies in the form of teas, tinctures, and “potions” for wellness, the text is coupled with an exhaustive look at how essential oils can drastically improve our daily lives.

Long proven for their psychological and physical benefits, essential oils are slowly but surely making their way into modern medicine with continuing studies into their effectiveness. Eastern countries have long since implemented essential oils in traditional and modern day medicine.

Although we’re departing mainly from vibrational healing, Natural Remedies teaches the basics of Reiki healing, a form of vibrational medicine sharing some principles of reflexology. If you didn’t have the chance to read Holistic Healing for Addiction, this chapter will arm you with the information you need to become an active participant in the way your body heals, both physically and psychologically from the ordeals of addiction, depression, anxiety, or otherwise. Reiki is the manipulation of energy within the body to remedy subtle energetic rifts and misalignments.

Rounding out the text with applicable information to everyday life that is less fanciful and more grounded, we’ll cover an exhaustive overview of essential vitamins and minerals, and how they can help you recover faster— where you can get them, and how you should prepare food to get the most out of them.

Natural Remedies
is a living document, and is growing everyday. If you have suggestions you’d like to see covered, let me know in the comments!


What do you want to see in Natural Remedies?


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