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National Recovery Month Photo Contest! Have You Entered?

September is National Recovery Month! It is a time to celebrate the triumphs, learn from the stumbles, and encourage recovery among people who still suffer from addiction. National Recovery Month is also a time to be vocal and open about the effects of drug abuse and the dangers drug use poses. All month long organizations across the country will hold rallies, walks, parties, fundraisers, contests, and other activities to educate the public and give voices to sober warriors nationwide. These efforts are instrumental in breaking the stigmas associated with addiction and opening honest channels of conversation and education.

To join in the celebration, Harbor Village is hosting a photo contest called “What Does Recovery Look Like?” for the entire month of September! Not only is the contest a fun, easy, no-pressure way to make your voice heard and inspire people with your journey, but there’s a few pretty sweet prizes, too!

With our contest, people in all stages of recovery can show how far they’ve come and where they plan to go along their sober journey. Rather you are just beginning the path to sobriety or a 30 year veteran in the fight against substance abuse, your voice is valuable and should be heard! By sharing your story with us, you can inspire and motivate others to let go of the scourge of addiction and live a happier, healthier life.

So many people hesitate or avoid taking steps toward sober living out of fear of the unknown or doubt in their ability to succeed. You and your story can be what finally pushes someone to take the leap of faith and get help today! You may also encourage others already in recovery to stay on their paths to sobriety no matter the temptations they face.

The secondary premise of the contest is to end the stigma that all addicts look and act a certain way and therefore can be spotted easily and should be avoided or ridiculed.

The truth is addiction can affect anyone.

Most people suffering from a substance abuse disorder don’t look any different from your mother, brother, teacher, pastor, coworker or best friend.

People suffering from addiction should not be shunned or made ashamed but embraced, encouraged and supported through recovery. By letting others that may not understand the disease of substance abuse hear your story, you can help educate people about the reality of addiction!


Harbor Village’s National Recovery Month Photo Contest! Have you entered?

Do you want to contribute to making a difference while also entering to win an iPad Mini or urBeats earbuds? Great!

To Enter all you need to do is:

  1. Take a picture or short video that represents you and what you’ve gained or plan to gain through sobriety!

  2. Post your image to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HarborVillageRecovery and a brief description explaining why you chose your image!

  3. LIKE US on facebook or Instagram!

  4. Invite 3 friends to participate!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries and encourage your friends to vote, too!

For more details about the contest visit our main contest page or view the rules and regulations here.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Post a picture and tag us in it NOW!

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