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National Recovery Month: Be a Part of the Change!

As August comes to an end and we prepare for September, most of the country is thinking of weather changing and all the things that come with Fall like Pumpkin-Spice everything, Halloween, and the slow encroachment of winter holidays on the autumn months.

Seriously, one day we’ll start decorating for winter holidays in July-it’s ridiculous.

For others, September has a different meaning. It’s a time to stand proudly among peers as a person in recovery, showing the world that it is possible to overcome substance abuse and change your life.

Standing together as beacons for recovery, we celebrate September as National Recovery Month to encourage others to embark on their own journey to sobriety and help dispel harmful stigmas and stereotypes.

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Celebrate your own journey the progress of your loved ones through recovery this September for National Recovery Month. Use your voice and your experiences to be encourage others to make the life-changing decision to begin their own paths of healing.

Join in on events geared toward raising awareness, attend forums in your community to share your story and help shape the way we address the substance abuse epidemic. Volunteer to speak at schools as part of substance abuse prevention programs. Be a part of the change we need in order to see the substance abuse epidemic come to an end.

At Harbor Village we’re gearing up to do our part for National Recovery Month. We’re releasing two new eBooks and have a few other, exciting plans in the making that can’t be revealed just yet. Keep your eye out for announcements and event postings!

What are your plans for celebrating National Recovery Month? Tell us in the comments below!

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