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Mother Under the Influence of Flakka a Day Prior Leaves Baby on Railroad

South Florida is still being pelted with the effects of flakka use. In a story covered by CBS Miami a woman has been revoked the privilege of caring for her child (who is now in foster care) after leaving the baby on railroad tracks in a fit of delirium, caused by the residual effects of being high on flakka the day prior. Officers initially responded to reports of a baby crying and shivering in the street. The incident occurred a breath away from Gulfstream Blvd. in Boynton Beach. When officers arrived on the scene they were met by a woman shouting “my baby!” reports CBS Miami.

The woman was later identified as the baby’s mother, a Ms. Qushanna Doby. Upon initial questioning, Doby was unable to tell the officers what occurred from the time she lost her baby, where she was and how she eventually found her way back to her missing child. The arrest report, according to CBS Miami, states Doby admitted to smoking flakka the day before with a group of friends. Afterwards Doby ran errands, and recounts having her baby in tow when visiting a local Wal-Mart.

Doby admits to partaking in flakka regularly, and suffering from frequent delirium and hallucinations. Doby has been charged with one count of child neglect. CBS Miami states, “[Doby] told police she ‘fed the child some bacon cheddar chips and put Sprite in her baby bottle for her to drink.’” Shortly afterwards Doby says she woke up outside of a Dunkin Donuts without her baby. Hopefully, in spite of this unfortunate event Doby will undergo inpatient medical detox to begin her journey to sobriety to reclaim custody of her little one.

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