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Mitchell Jackson becomes an inspiration

Mitchell Jackson, a former drug dealer in Portland, went on to write a novel and now teaches at New York University. On Wednesday, he addressed a group of Multnomah County adults on probation or parole. (Maxine Bernstein/The Oregonian)[/caption]As reported by in the article Mitchell Jackson, from Portland Drug Dealer to Author, Now an Inspiration to Multnomah County Adults on Parole, Probation (6/18), a rehabilitated cocaine dealer who is now a successful college graduate and author also spends his time speaking to others who are now in his old shoes. Jackson, who lived with a drug-addicted mother and who began selling cocaine at age 15, eventually found himself in jail on drug and weapons charges. Afterward, he immediately went back to pursue school afterward, nothing that he was following his father’s advice. After finding a talent and passion for writing, he was able to pursue a master’s degree and is now working on a book and documentary on his life. Many of those he speaks to today are adults on parole and probation. They believe that Jackson is an inspiration for them to turn their lives around.

Harbor Village, a luxury drug addiction rehab center in Southern Florida, is on a mission to help drug addicted clients turn their lives around just as Mitchell Jackson did. He truly is an inspiration and his story serves as a real-life example on how anybody can turn their lives around, despite their troubled pasts. We know that drug addiction does not discriminate—it can affect anyone, anywhere, no matter what type of upbringing you’ve had. However, drug addiction is 100% beatable and the sooner you get sober, the sooner you can start doing amazing things with your lives. What is your dream? Don’t let an addiction stop you from living the best life possible. If you or someone you know is currently suffering from a drug addiction, please call 1-855-767-8285 and let us help you start working toward you dream today.

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