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#ManCrushMonday! Our Favorite Men in Recovery!

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You know, Mondays get a lot of smack. It’s the beginning of another week of work and school, the end of a relaxing, fun weekend. Monday brings sour moods and hidden temptations in the form of boredom, agitation, frustration, and stress. Staying focused and dedicated to sobriety is the key to striving through the challenges of sober life. To help you get through this Monday, we’re combining one of our favorite social media trends with the inspiration  we can derive from some of our favorite sober male celebrities. Here’s who we’re shouting out for our #ManCrushMonday!

“Robert Downey Jr and Wife Susan Downey at Avengers Premiere” by Toiram. Licensed under CC by 3.0.

Robert Downey Jr.

In honor of the recent release of Spider-Man:Homecoming, we’re kicking off this #ManCrushMonday with Iron Man himself- Robert Downey, Jr. RDJ has made the ultimate comeback from being a Hollywood bad boy indulging in the wild partying lifestyle to the total transformation of character he found through rehab and addiction recovery. He’s been vocal about his own path of recovery and that of his son, Indio, in an effort to encourage others to seek treatment and breakdown the stigmas surrounding addiction and recovery.

“Samuel L Jackson at the San Diego Comic-Con 2008” by Pinguino K. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L Jackson is our favorite bada** motherf*cker, but most people don’t even know that he’s also a sober warrior! With 27 years of clean and sober living under his belt, it surprises many to learn that he kick started his film career straight out of rehab. In fact, his iconic role in Jungle Fever was largely inspired by his personal journey of recovery. He’s called it cathartic and therapeutic; a healing means of letting go of his past. Nowadays you can find both him and Robert Downey Jr on the big screen together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he portrays Director Nick Fury.

“Russell Brand at the Peoples Assembly Demonstration” by DB Young. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Russell Brand

We can’t praise Russell Brand enough for the work he’s doing to benefit the recovery community. After his own recovery from heroin abuse, Brand has become a vocal advocate for public education and legislative change regarding addiction and addiction recovery. He’s our #ManCrushMonday for going above and beyond and standing up proudly to advocate for those who go unheard. His raw and honest approach makes his story relatable and inspiring to all.

Featured Image: “Robert Downey Jr. Expo 2011” by Mingle Media TV. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Who’s your #ManCrushMonday in recovery? Shout them out in the comment section below!

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