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Man High On Drugs Claims He Was Invisible

A Fort Pierce, Florida man, high on drugs, claims to have stolen a carton of cigarettes while being “invisible.” At a Walgreens store, a cashier said that a man who said he had taken “street drugs,” approached her and said he had stolen the cigarettes four to five months ago. His conscience bothered him so much that he offered to pay for the cigarettes. The clerk called the police.

Fort Pierce police were summoned to the scene around 8 a.m. on June 19 at a Walgreens in the 2400 block of Orange Avenue, according to the just released police report.

“According to (the man), the drugs gave him the ability to become invisible,” the police report states. “(The man) used his powers of invisibility to pass through the counter and take a carton of Kool brand menthol cigarettes undetected.”

The man said he wanted to pay for the cigarettes, which cost about $60, but had just $8 on his debit card. Police issued the man a trespass warning and was escorted off the property. To date, no surveillance film exists for the crime. However, a store manager said he would search for footage to prove if the crime was actually committed.

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