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Lessons in Recovery: Harbor Village’s 2nd Annual Recovery eBook

Harbor Village provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Miami.

It’s 2017 and speaking openly and candidly about the realities of addiction and addiction recovery is still considered taboo. We still promote old stereotypes and stigmas of what addiction is and the type of people affected by it. We still ridicule and shame people living with substance abuse disorders, passing silent (and sometimes not so silent) judgement even as we fail to recognize our assumptions are flawed and dangerous. Society’s false notions of addiction contribute largely to the thousands of people who die each year from overdose or substance abuse related health complications. They are why so many use in secret or live in denial and why seeking treatment is still looked upon so negatively.

It’s 2017- it’s time to change that.

Each year September marks National Recovery Month in recognition of those who are proving addiction recovery is possible each day. National Recovery Month is intended to lift the shroud of secrecy and shame that society often places upon the recovery community and stand proud of all you have accomplished along the way. It also serves as a beacon of light for those still living in active addiction to show there is a better way, no matter your circumstances.

At Harbor Village, we celebrate National Recovery Month each year both within our own facility and on the national scale. Each year for September we focus on bringing light to this important issue, especially given the current state of the substance abuse epidemic. We share helpful tips and information aimed both toward people currently in recovery and those looking to take their first steps.

One of our most important contributions to this effort occurred last year with the publication of Raise Your Voice: Stories of Addiction Recovery, a free-to-download anthology of recovery stories and related art shared freely by people from across the country. This eBook provided a platform for people to make their stories heard in hopes of inspiring others and uniting the community. Our amazing contributors offered candid accounts of their experiences with addiction as well as how recovery has turned their lives around. Raise Your Voice includes stories everyone can relate to, proving you’re never beyond hope. People who once experienced child abuse, traumatic events, and even faced life in prison stand as examples that there’s always a way to overcome your current situation. It’s a powerful reading experience like none you’ve seen before.

In keeping with that same ambition, this year Harbor Village is releasing a second annual recovery anthology. Slated for release in early September, this second eBook will include new recovery stories, poetry, and visual art inspired by personal recovery journeys. We are still accepting submissions for anyone who would like to contribute. Please email editors@localhost to be included in this year’s anthology.

What lessons has your recovery taught you that you would share with others? Leave them in the comments!

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