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An Introduction to Holistic Healing for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

If you are a regular follower of our blog and social media venues (and if you aren’t, why the heck not? Sign up for Blog Updates, Follow us on Facebook, Tweet to us on Twitter, and Pin with us on Pinterest!) Then you know how excited I am to be releasing an eBook all about treating drug and alcohol addiction with holistic medicine.

Holistic, or alternative healing, helps to align our physical, emotional, and spiritual states. To overcome addiction you must have solidarity in every facet of yourself- or you will suffer in a perennial struggle against what you want (substances of choice) and what you need (to resume your life, free from addiction).


Learn how to take control of your drug or alcohol addiction by aligning body, mind, and spirit.

Posted by Harbor Village Detox on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


As someone who has struggled with self-harm for many years, I like to refer to the techniques presented in the book as “self prescriptions.” Not unlike self-medication, finding peace within myself has enabled me to address what I have outran, and ultimately succumbed to in the end. I decided I was tired of being angry, in a constant state of guilt, and lashing out at everyone I love.

Holistic Healing for Drug & Alcohol Addiction: Enlivening Body, Mind and Spirit to Remedy Depression, Anxiety and Self-Hate will empower you to address the underlying causes of addiction- as opposed to the topical aspects of the disease. This book cannot redress the necessity of rehabilitation, but is instead a tool for recovery before, during, and after rehabilitation.

Some topics of interest include:

    • Crystal Healing
    • Feng Shui
    • Chakra Healing
    • Daily Affirmations
    • Inspirational Oracles
  • Four types of meditation
  • The Art of Tea Drinking
  • Adult Coloring
  • Practical Wisdom
  • Coping with Withdrawal Anxiety
  • Specialized Diets for Recovery
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Reconnecting with Your Family
  • Addiction & Self Harm


For a look at the book’s preface click here. It introduces what the book intends to achieve for you.

In this installment I am providing an except of the introduction to get you stoked for reading the book when it comes out next week!

And guess what? Holistic Healing will be free! We want to provide this resource to anyone who is struggling without restriction. So feel free to share this post with anyone you know who can benefit from it- and guess what? Even if you’re not struggling with addiction, this book addresses underlying depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and beyond. Anyone can benefit in a crash course of holistic healing.

Without further ado, please enjoy the introduction- I look forward to your feedback!


Johann Hari says the opposite of addiction is connection. [i]  For years we have dedicated all of our financial, emotional, and physical resources to thwart addiction with barbed fetters. We have persecuted and maimed the social perception of what addiction is, and is not. In doing so, we have created a society which is overly reliant on the institution of singularity in treatment and detainment- of embracing animosity, and branding addiction as a willful choice. All research tells us otherwise. Addiction is a physical and psychological state imposed on us by genetic disposition, environmental stimuli, and an inability to “be present in existence.” Addiction is a manifestation of inner turmoil and travesty. It is the fruition of society instructing us to never share our emotions, to “man or woman” up, and to remain entirely self-sufficient, lest you be accused of being “clingy” or “needy.”

Addiction is the cause of lives ignored, in need of love and light; addiction exists because of lack of purpose; of the inability to find a measure of hope; addiction thrives in environments of judgement, self-doubt, and persecution; addiction festers in self-odium, sometimes self-taught; addiction is the culmination of loneliness- of the deficit of emotional fulfillment, physical wellness, and spiritual affinity in even measures. Addiction cannot be expressed, nor branded with half-hearted attempts to raze mental disorders or physical disposition to the systematic bodily institution of dependence, it must be embraced for the entirety of its reality- streaking far beyond our tangible planes: to indwelling heartbreak long left writhing in the escape of addictive substances of choice.

This explanation of the disease is not limited to those who permit themselves to traipse the waters of holistic recovery- but a description of the full bodied wraith of addiction; of loss; of abandonment; of the inability to connect with universal love and the consciousness of all. Addiction is the unwillful abandonment of life. Addiction is the admittance, and acquiescence to the cruelty of the human continuum.

Yet there is light.

There exists light in all things. There is always hope in leagues of despair. Even if you have read it in every recovery book, every pamphlet, heard it spoken by every well-intentioned passerby, and you have never believed it, believe it now. Because there is always hope. In every state of recovery- including the suspension before recovery, there are energies working to bring you to the ultimate fruition of your true self. Every tribulation you have lived through, every brush with death, and every moment you have spent hulled up in the expanse of yourself to dull the pain of life- has prepared you to ascend to the inner stirrings of your soul.

You must not believe in the universal spirit, nor must you submit to any spiritual dogma, to benefit from this book. All required of you is an open mind. Your heart, we will open together.  Holistic Healing for Drug & Alcohol Addiction is the aggregation of study into the metaphysical arts. This book is the prescription for my own soul, the remedies which gave my life purpose after I lost everything to the fragments of my own spirit. When the nothingness enveloped me, and I was convinced I would not make it out alive- when therapy alone could not make me whole, I realized I had to find solace within myself. But I did not know how. More questions than decided answers remain, yet these curatives I have found to resurrect the dwelling inside of me.

How to Use This Book

Explore every inch, every margin in whichever manner you please. Each chapter can serve as a mini course in a selected New Age, holistic healing art. When read as appearing, each course reverberates to the next, offering ideal cohesion and progression of ideas and principals. Either way is correct, simply enjoy the experience, ask questions, deviate to your own patterns of thought, and always, remain vigilant. Know there are more fascinations in the realm of our existence to save you from the darkness. Understand you have the power over it. The keys reside within you.


[i]               Johann Hari. “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong.” Ted video, 14:42. June 2015,



Don’t forget to check out It Takes a Village: Finding the Right Support System in Addiction Recovery, an eBook to be released next week too!



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