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High School Students Share Their Personal Stories About Drug Abuse

As reported by WYMT TV, two Eastern Kentucky high school students have began to share their stories with the world after overcoming their personal drug addictions. One student, Kimberly Barett, related her struggle to a similar struggle that her father had. She felt that watching her dad go through substance abuse issues sent her the indirect message that it would be okay to follow in his footsteps. Another student, Josh Hollan, told how his struggles made it hard on his family, especially his mother. Kimberly Barett also noted that when you’re addicted to drugs, you’re not yourself. Both students were awarded scholarships in the name of two other young people who were not able to successfully overcome their addictions. Josh Hollan noted that he was more proud of receiving the award and living in light of the message behind it than getting the money that came with it.

Drug and alcohol addiction can and often does have a negative effect on family members and loved ones, even when the issue is not directly affecting them. Children who grow up witnessing substance abuse are more likely to try it themselves and those who are addicted to substances often lie and steal from their loved ones. The mission statement of Harbor Village is to assist people from all walks of life with their addictions. Over the last year, the friendly and relaxing environment of Harbor Village has helped make positive impacts in their lives. For the years to come, we hope to continue to help others see the light in their lives. Those who are looking for a safe, supervised, and peaceful detox process can get everything they are looking for and more at Harbor Village. Here, the goal is to help every client be happy, healthy, and ready to move on to the next step of his or her life.

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