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The Christian Track: Harbor Village’s Newest Treatment Program

  • The Christian Track: Harbor Village’s Newest Treatment Program

    The Christian Track: Harbor Village’s Newest Treatment Program

    At Harbor Village we are constantly and continuously re-inventing ourselves to provide the best, most effective and well-rounded treatment programs for our clients. This ensures that upon graduation you are well equip to handle whatever life throws at you without resorting to past habits. Recently we covered the benefits of religious faith to the recovery journey and long-term success in sobriety, siting the power of learning to forgive and love ones’ self through the forgiveness and love of a higher power.

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    Many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Miami and across the country offer faith-based programs, and the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous draw heavily from a Christian doctrine. Having or gaining a religious faith through recovery can be a powerfully grounding tool to keep you steady on your chosen path.

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    Recognizing these truths, Harbor Village has implemented the Christian Track, an optional supplement to the wonderful inpatient treatment programs we already have in place. Along with our medically-assisted detox and inpatient rehab programs, this faith-based treatment program provides additional support and encouragement through Christian support groups, off-site chapel services, and biblical teachings. In addition to our traditional group therapy session, Harbor Village incorporates Christian 12 step lessons pulled from the AA/NA literature.

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    Not a religious person, but still want to experience what Harbor Village has to offer? That’s okay, too- this program is completely voluntary! We welcome people from all faiths and religious backgrounds as well as those who are non-religious. Harbor Village is welcoming, all-inclusive and safe place for healing and self-growth. If you want to reconnect with your faith or are ready to explore what Christianity has to offer, the Christian Track can help.

    We want to hear from you: how has religion helped you on your recovery journey? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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