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Harbor Village 2016 Recap

Harbor Village provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Miami.

We are officially in the final days of 2016! For many, this comes with a sigh of relief; others are entering 2017 with a bit of trepidation. For Harbor Village, 2017 will be a year of growth, expansion, and continuing our work to bring healing and support to those in need.

Before we start the new year, though, it’s time to take a look at a 2016 recap in Harbor Village.

Expanding Treatment

In our ongoing mission to offer the best, most well-rounded treatment possible to our clients, Harbor Village works continuously to keep our programs fresh and up-to-date, utilizing the latest research in medicine and psychology. We attend multiple conferences and forums throughout out the year to stay informed about the most effective means of treating addiction and promoting sobriety.

In 2016 we have implemented three new tracks of care for our clients based on their unique needs: Focus, Inception, and Impact. These treatment programs take the age, experience, and care needs into consideration when planning therapy sessions, extracurricular activities, and educational material. Younger members of our population focus on relapse prevention and life skills training for the future; people who have a history of relapse receive focused attention on addressing causes of addiction and relapse prevention.

Harbor Village has also integrated a faith-based Christian track to enhance the recovery journey. This voluntary track helps clients find guidance and support through a relationship with God and the teachings of the Bible. The Christian track includes off-site church services, daily scriptures, and Christian 12 step support groups.

Aftercare Support

Harbor Village has always been focused on helping maintain long-term sobriety through support beyond treatment. Our alumni get exclusive access to the Harbor Village alumni support network, which includes a private, 24- hour relapse prevention hotline and online support. Alumni are even invited to special outings and gatherings throughout the year to continue supporting and encouraging one another through the journey of recovery.

To help those transitioning out of our care, Harbor Village has also partnered with local sober living communities. Our goal is the reduce post-treatment stress and anxiety while providing the support necessary for a full transition back into society. Rather our clients just need a little boost or some added structure to stay on the sober path, having the additional resource of a sober living facility available after leaving treatment helps assure longevity in sobriety.

In 2016 we also turned our attention to community outreach in order to enhance the resources we can provide our clients and alumni. We are working to create a network of local businesses, counselors, educational facilities, and other supporters to help people in recovery move forward in life and toward their dreams. We understand that a key to recovery is having a chance to improve yourself through employment, education, and other opportunities- Harbor Village wants to help.


Spreading Awareness and Encouragement

One of our other focuses at Harbor Village for 2016 was spreading awareness and encouragement throughout the community. It’s our duty to do so, as the greatest weapon against substance abuse and addiction is awareness and connection.

In September as part of National Recovery Month, we provided a platform for people in recovery to share their stories through our eBook ‘Raise Your Voice’ and a special edition of the Revival magazine. We are so grateful for those who were willing to be vulnerable for a good cause- go download both for free! Also, don’t be afraid to share your stories with us too- we would love to create additional editions in the future!

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Our clients in 2016 were also privy to a new program we implemented that allows people in recovery to share their stories directly with those who need to hear them. Our speaker series provides the extra bit of encouragement clients sometimes need to get through vulnerable, tough moments in recovery. While clients get the full impact of our the speaker experience, we have also shared a few impactful stories on our blog, too.

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We want to hear from you: What do you want to see from us in 2017? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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