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Gustavo Falcon, Last of Cocaine Cowboys, Rangled in Florida After 26 Years on the Run

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After over two decades of evading the law, Gustavo Falcon, one half of the infamous Cocaine Cowboys has finally reached the end of his line.

The Cocaine Cowboys, Gustavo and his brother Augusto Falcon, came to fame for their drug trafficking ring in South Florida throughout the 1980s. Partnered with Salvador Magluta, the brothers were drug lords largely responsible for the cocaine abuse epidemic that crippled South Florida and other regions of the U.S. Their lavish lifestyle inspired the 2006 movie by the same name: the Cocaine Cowboys often used their speedboats to traffic cocaine between Columbia and the Caribbean before smuggling it into Florida where it would be distributed throughout the country.

In 1991 the Cocaine Cowboys were charged smuggling 75 tons of cocaine between 1975 and 1991. Five years later Augusto and Salvador Magluta were acquitted of all charges under suspicious circumstances: alleged manipulation of witnesses and jury members. In 2002 Magluta was retried and sentenced to 205 years in prison; the sentence was reduced to 195 years in 2006.

Augusto Falcon took a plea deal for money laundering in 2003 and was sentenced to 20 years. He is slated for release from prison this June.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Falcon had managed to evade police capture for 26 years until he was captured in Kissimmee as he and his wife returned from a bike ride. Authorities who had been searching for Gustavo received their first tip that he was still in Florida following a car accident in 2013 during which Falcon presented a fake ID. He, his wife and two children had assumed new identities, but following the accident U.S. Marshals tracked him back to his Kissimee home. This surprised authorities as they had assumed Gustavo Falcon and his family had fled the country.

Falcon was booked in Orange County. No news yet as to what charges he is facing.

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