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What Genetics Can Tell You About Addiction

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You may have your mother’s smile and your father’s eyes, but do you also have their addiction? Looking back into your genetics could answer many questions you have about how your addiction started and why your particular substance of choice is your substance of choice. Tracing these issues does not have to stop at your mother and father. It could come from aunts, uncles, even grandparents. When addiction is passed down from generation to generation, it is hard to tell where you will end up. For some, they stray away from that lifestyle while others go down a similar path. Taking a peek into your family history can uncover the many mysteries of your addiction.


Genetics and Your Substance Abuse

Genetics plays a large role in substance abuse. Just because your parents or grandparents were addicts, does not mean you are destined for the same fate, though. This means the same for your children. All genetics does is make it more likely for you or your offspring to develop an addiction; 40-60 percent more likely to be exact. An important factor in fighting the cycle of addiction is admitting there is a problem. By hiding the fact that addiction is part of your family’s history only fuels the fire. Secrecy is a large part of addiction and understanding how addiction plays into your life can make all the difference.


Stop the Cycle of Addiction

Something important to remember is that while genetics plays a large role in the occurrence, it is not the only factor when it comes to developing an addiction. Genetics, environment, friends, and our relationship with addictive substances all play a role in our management of substance abuse. Speaking to your loved ones directly is a great way to get direct answers but if they are not available, speak to a close friend or distant relative. Your future depends on your willingness to learn and understand your addiction in order to stop the pattern. Help stop the cycle of addiction.

How has your family’s history of substance abuse shaped your choices? Let us know below!

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