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Four States “Significantly Positive” For Latino Success At Drug Treatment Centers

According to a recent study, four states—Florida, Texas, Kansas and Oregon have minority success rates significantly positive for Latinos in relation to white clients for completing drug abuse treatment programs.

A University of Iowa study, which was published in the May Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal, found that were wide disparities between white, African American and Latino clients in their success rates for completing programs at drug and alcohol abuse centers.

In 17 states, Latinos were more successful than white clients in completing their substance abuse programs. Four states—Kansas, Oregon, Texas, and Florida—had disparities that were significantly positive for Latinos.

The study revealed that African-Americans did not fare very well in Tennessee, Idaho and Minnesota, but in Hawaii, Utah, and Mississippi, they had slightly higher rates of success than whites at completing their drug treatment programs. After compiling data from around the nation, it was found that 46.25% of whites, 45.6% of Latinos, and 37.5 % of African Americans successfully completed drug or alcohol abuse programs.

Anyone completing a drug or alcohol abuse program from a qualified facility has a greater likelihood of achieving future success at their next job and sustaining a clean criminal record.

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