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Flakka, a Dangerous Designer Drug, Induces Man to Perform Sexual Acts on a Tree

Flakka strikes again, and this time in a most disturbing way. Kenneth Crowder (41) was arrested for battery on a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest, according to Local 10. The police report states Crowder was streaking (running naked) through a residential area of Melbourne proclaiming he was a God- and that’s when it happened. Crowder then performed an undefined “sexual act on a tree,” as quoted by Local 10.

If you haven’t heard, flakka is taking Florida by storm, and not in a good way. The addictive substance is a derivative of bath salts, and induces its abusers into a state of “heightened delirium,” forcing them to hallucinate, become chronically paranoid, violent, and incur superhuman strength. Crowder was tasered twice, but was able to pull out the probes without being detoured. A fight between the officer and Crowder ensued, wherein, according to the police reports as stated by Local 10, Crowder attempted to stab the officer with his own badge while shouting he was the Norse thunder God, Thor.

Flakka has not yet been officially banned by the CDC or DEA, but its use is becoming rife in Florida, Texas, and Ohio with similar disturbing headlines. The drug is easy to get at $5-$10 per hit, and is becoming more dangerous as time goes on. Dealers are lacing the drug with other addictive substances, making the already dangerous substance potentially lethal. Those who undergoing detox while on flakka exhibit withdrawal symptoms similar to opiate withdrawal.

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