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Getting Through Your First 24 Hours Sober

There’s a lot of critical moments in the first year of your recovery journey. Two of the most critical happen right away: Your first 24 hours sober and your first week after leaving treatment. How you respond in these crucial moments is the difference between staying steady on the sober path and stumbling. As you begin this life changing journey, keep these tips in mind for getting through your first 24 hours sober.


Be Prepared

One of greatest threats to sobriety in early recovery is going in blind. While there’s a thousand reasons to finally commit to leading a clean and sober life, it’s crucial to be prepared for what lies ahead to protect yourself against triggers and other hidden threats to your recovery. Do your research about what addiction truly is, addressing the underlying causes, and what you can expect during treatment.

Your first 24 hours sober are the most important, so being properly prepared to handle the mental, physical, and emotional impact is a must. Overcoming a substance abuse disorder is the greatest gift you can give yourself, but it still requires effort and commitment. Taking the time to prepare yourself to undertake this lifestyle change and discover what that means for you personality will help you succeed in the long run.


Start Setting Your Goals

Staying busy and distracted through your first 24 hours sober makes it past faster and more easily. Spend this time to start thinking about your goals for sobriety and beyond. Think beyond breaking your ties to drugs or alcohol- what do you want for your future? All of those things are that much closer to reality in recovery.

If you want to get back into school, do some research into degree programs at your local college or university. Thinking about starting your own business? Learn more about what that will take. Set your goals as high as you want but make sure you set up the steps necessary to get there. Your dreams can become reality as long as you keep your eyes on those goals.


Surround Yourself with Support

The people you surround yourself with in your first 24 hours sober are your greatest assets in recovery. Leaning on the support of your loved ones in vulnerable moments of your recovery helps to keep you from falling back on unhealthy habits. Your friends and family members can help you stay distracted from urges and work through the tumultuous emotions of early recovery.

If your first 24 hours sober occurs during detox and rehab treatment, the support of recovery professionals helps steady your feet on the path of recovery. Many counselors and other staff members of rehab facilities are in recovery themselves; they understand what you’re going through on a personal level and are glad to impart the wisdom they’ve gained to you. If you don’t have your own support network at home, leaning on members of your recovery family is a great alternative.

What advice do you have for someone entering their first 24 hours sober? Leave them in the comments!

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