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Fill Up on These Foods to Kick Alcohol Cravings

  • Fill Up on These Foods to Kick Alcohol Cravings

    Fill Up on These Foods to Kick Alcohol Cravings

    The fourth of July is a day to celebrate independence, fun time, and food! No matter your July fourth plans, you are sure to run into a plethora of food and drinks to get your night started off right. The allure of refreshments can tempt you to grab a beverage containing alcohol, but it is easier than you think to curb those cravings. These delicious foods can help you stay sober while enjoying your fourth.


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    #1 Foods that increase Dopamine

    Alcohol consumption can alter the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, causing them to fall once the effects of the drink wear off. Once your dopamine levels drop back down, your body will crave alcohol once more but in higher amounts. Foods like bananas and sunflower seeds are great foods to raise those levels while not touching those tempting beverages.


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    #2 Fruits and Veggies

    We all know that fruits and vegetables are great to consume on a regular basis, but did you know they are especially good at kicking alcohol cravings? The fiber in most fruits and vegetables keeps you full much longer than the empty calories of alcohol and helps your body maintain stable blood sugar levels. Not only are these foods in abundance at fourth of July get togethers, but they replenish nourishments lost through malabsorption.


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    #3 Complex Carbs

    You may be thinking that this is a mistake, but complex carbohydrates can actually help kick those alcohol craving, more specifically, fiber-rich complex carbs. Foods included in this category include whole-grain breads, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. These foods digest more slowly and do not cause the harsh ups and downs in sugar levels that regular complex carbs like sugar can produce, contributing to alcohol cravings.


    When at your get together, staying sober may seem difficult at times but your success depends on you. Making sure to ingest these nutrient rich foods will help your body fight off those alcohol cravings. Make sure to limit your sugar consumption and watch out for foods that may contain alcohol like spiked punches and other typically unmarked beverages. If you are not sure of the types of foods available at your event, bring a platter of your choice to make sure you are not tempted by the items offered. With these easy to find foods, taying sober on the fourth has never been this easy.


    What are your tips for staying sober during the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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