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Family Releases Video of 16 Year-Old Girl to Expose the Dangers of MDMA

In June 2015, 16 year old Amy Thomson attended a party that would change her life forever.

The Glasglow teenager attended an ‘ecstasy party’ where she collapsed after taking a dose of MDMA and was rushed to Glasglow South hospital in critical condition. Amy was comatose and on life support for one month before doctors were able to stabilize her and she regained consciousness. In August she was placed into an intensive rehabilitation unit for brain injuries.

“Ecstasy Monogram” by Ras67. Licensed under Public Domain.

The Daily Mail reports that Thomson’s family released a video to show people the progress Amy has made in her recovery- as well as serving a warning to those continuing to use drugs.

The video may be disturbing to some and has proven so to friends of the 16 year old who have not seen her since the incident in June. A once bright and charming girl has been reduced to a few slurred words, a nod and weak attempt to wave for the camera. Though she struggles to do so, Amy sends a message of thanks to those who have supported her and were concerned for her recovery.

Her cousin, identified only as Kayla, reassured friends and family members that Amy continues to make progress each day and there is hope that her condition will continue to improve.

“Amy won’t be like this for the rest of her life. She’s getting the best care and support. What you are seeing is amazing compared to the way she was a few weeks ago. She’s improved in many amazing ways. She still has many improvements to show us all.”

Kayle hopes the video will serve as an eye opener for those who continue to use MDMA and other drugs. The video is a clear and staggering example of the damage one dose of a drug can cause.

A singular pill completely derailed Amy Thomson’s life; she was not an addict or a heavy user of MDMA. She was a 16 year old girl that took a chance at a party that nearly cost her life.

Do you think exposing the devastating effects MDMA can have on the brain and body will discourage people from using the drug? Tell us what you think!

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