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Drunk Woman Faked Her Own Kidnapping To Avoid DUI Arrest

An intoxicated 24-year old Massachusetts woman, Maria Brayfield, faked her own kidnapping to avoid arrest for driving under the influence. She was found screaming in the trunk of her white Ford Focus, which was parked alongside the highway. Police had to break the car’s rear glass to free her.

At first, Brayfield went through the motions of stating a false story to the police, where she claimed that two masked abductors forced her to drive her car and then lock her in the trunk. Later she confessed that she had made the whole story up to avoid being charged with DUI. Brayfield said she had been “intoxicated by fear” of getting caught drunk driving.

Police charged her with filing a false police report. They are not sure how the woman ended up on the side of the highway or whether she had been driving while drunk. She’ll have her date in court, which promises to be very interesting.

Getting caught drunk driving is just one of many issues alcoholics will face. Alcohol abuse is a serious problem that can cost an addict their career, home, family, friends and self respect. Harbor Village, a 24/7 professionally supervised detox center,  provides private alcohol treatment for each client in a luxury, state-of-the art environment. Clients are welcomed with upscale accommodations including a beautifully furnished suite with satellite television, over an acre of outdoor lounge area, spa, salon, massage and acupuncture services, nutritious, gourmet dining and the personalized support of a friendly, knowledgeable staff. For more information, please call 855-DETOX-00.


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