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From Drug Addict to Poet

As reported by The Boston Herald in the article Ex-Addict, A Poet, Details Drug Journey (6/24), a former drug addict shares his story of how he became addicted to Oxycontin and heroin and how he is now living a sober lifestyle. His first experience with Oxycontin was at a party, where he was offered pills. During his first withdrawal experience, he said he could feel his own bones in pain and all he could do was curl up like a baby. Then, to offset the withdrawal process, he got into heroin, which mimics the effects of Oxycontin. Ultimately, he severed some his most important relationships and felt like he wanted to kill himself. Then, one day, he looked at himself in the mirror and had a revelation—he needed to make a change. Today, he is a successful writer who has written a book of poetry on his drug addiction journey. He also has a family and works as a coordinator for a sobriety group.

There is nothing more inspiring than hearing a story of successful recovery. There are many ways to cope with a drug addiction and recovery—writing being of them. Many people in drug addiction recovery programs use writing as a initial way to communicate with their loved ones and to apologize to those who they have hurt throughout their process. Writing can also help some people communicate their story, as not everybody is good a public speaking. Writing about one’s drug addiction can be very therapeutic and it can help inspire others. If you or somebody you know is currently suffering from a drug abuse addiction, please call us

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