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Dopamine Rich Meals Help Drug & Alcohol Addicts Recover From Addiction

If you are what you eat, wouldn’t you want to eat foods which help promote happiness? What about foods which can help patients with drug and alcohol use disorders overcome drug and alcohol addiction– what if you just want to be happy in general? Well then you should eat foods which help dopamine production in the body, according to an article published by Myfoxaustin. An addiction recovery center is anticipating the publication of their addiction dopamine cookbook, which was written to help addicts recover from addiction starting with the food they eat.

Addiction specialists have zeroed in on certain foods, like meat, pine nuts, omega 3 oils (from fish), peppers, and broccoli help increase dopamine levels. Domaine is produced when we are sexually satisfied, content, and emotionally fulfilled. Dr. Kenneth Blum, associated with the University of Florida has studied the gamut of addiction treatment, and has concluded dopamine levels largely determine behavior; low levels of dopamine may spur addiction forward. Myfoxaustin asserts ⅓ of the US population suffer from depleted dopamine levels. Addiction is a symptoms of the problem, and the real problem is depleted stores of dopamine.

Addictive drugs stimulate dopamine production. This is why they are so addictive, users chase the dopamine high they experience when abusing addictive substances. Regulating the rate of dopamine production is critical to help recovering patients avoid relapse. eating a diet slanted to wield naturally occurring dopamine stimulants is essential to guarantee recovery, without pumping addictive substances into the body to replace the high of illicit substances. Additionally, those suffering from depression or other disorders resulting from a lack of dopamine production can benefit from like diets focusing on stimulating dopamine production.

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