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Dabbing Marijuana? See You in the Hospital

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The age old testament marijuana isn’t dangerous is far from the truth. While considered one of the “softer” drugs, marijuana is undoubtedly addictive. Legalization should not be confused with saftey; MJ poses tangible threats to your physical and psychological well being. Just look at prescription medications and alcohol. Anything can be abused to pernicious extremes.

When we think of marijuana we think of an airy, uncoordinated “stoner,” but this is misleading. Marijuana is one of the most abused addictive substances in America, and those who use it come from a variety of backgrounds. In our nation’s seemingly never-ending quest to smoke marijuana, going as far as smoking synthetic marijuana, has spawned yet another dangerous avenue of consuming a highly concentrated form of THC.

And it’s sending people to the hospital.

Introducing dabbing: frantically shoving marijuana into a steel or plastic pipe and setting highly flammable butane into the rod aflame, typically in an enclosed space. Did I mention the blowtorch? 



Dabbing preparation has been the culprit in many house fires- apartments included.

Now instead of getting high, you can also burn your house down! That is, presuming the first thing you grab before you leave isn’t the concoction responsible for sundering your home to ashes. (Although, I doubt the resin would still be useable.)

Dabbers are frequently admitted to hospitals with severe burns and smoke inhalation poisoning. Those who succeed without burning everything down? They’ll be going to the hospital too once hallucinogenic, psychotic episodes bubble to the surface in response to the toxicity of concentrated THC.

Aside from the psychological detriments of dabbing, the substance is highly addictive. According to CBS Sacramento a local rehab center has seen an increase of clients suffering from an addiction to dabbing. Typically the center admits two to three dabbers monthly, but in recent months as many as 20 have been admitted.

Some argue smoking marijuana isn’t as dangerous as dabbing, but isn’t that what heroin addicts said of their prescription opiates before they made the switch?

Tolerance for marijuana builds like any other drug; as dabbing becomes more popular people who smoke marijuana have the potential to spiral out of control if tempted to experiment with dabbing in search of a potent high.

Some teens and young adults are dabbing in public, and we’re none the wiser. The fumes emanating from the substance are odorless, and can be smoked from an electronic cigarette. An officer reports catching people in the act of dabbing is difficult without blatant probable cause. As the substance has no odor- and not everyone burns their house down.

Here’s an interesting video on both sides of the great dabbing debate. Keep in mind, those “pro dabbers” are making money from the newly legalized cannabis edicts around the nation.

And no, synthetic weed (K2) is still a horrible idea.

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