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A Couple Buy Prescription Drugs Online by Mistake

Prescription Drugs are Easier to Buy Online[/caption]As reported by Slate.com, a couple has recently discovered just how easy it is to obtain prescription drugs online, without a prescription—from Amazon. When the wife of the couple searched online for an over the counter product to help treat her acne, she found a product on Amazon and decided to order it. When the package arrived, it reportedly came from Thailand, with the word “gift” written across the package. Upon closer inspection of the product label, she realized what she had actually received was Clindamycin, a drug that normally requires a prescription. In the recent uproar about the ease of obtaining prescription drugs on Amazon, further investigation into the past has revealed that Amazon once sold anabolic steroids, stimulants, and products that have ingredients similar to amphetamines.

While the FDA and other legal authorities are looking into how a giant, reputable corporation like Amazon is allowing this to happen, it is important to remember that no drugs should be taken without the prior consent of your doctor, especially if they require a prescription. When taken the wrong way, these types of drugs can have the opposite effect of being helpful. Prescription painkillers, particularly, have recently been cited as the root cause for many heroin addictions, since they act as opiates but then become too expensive to buy once the original prescription has run out. Anybody who believes that they or a loved one may be struggling with a prescription drug abuse problem can call 1-855-767-8285 any time to get information on recovery options.

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