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Cop Inspires Man to Stay to Kick the Habit

As reported by the Park Rapids Enterprise in the article Man Thanks Local Cop For His 14 Years of Sobriety (7/12), a man who was arrested on July 4, 2000 recently celebrated 14 years of sobriety and owes it all to the cop who pulled him over. According to the man, he had been drinking all day to deal with the stress of going through a divorce. He then proceeded to start driving back home with his kids in the car. He was pulled over and failed several sobriety tests. He asked the cop who pulled him over to let him check into a motel with his children but the cop was adamant about putting him in jail. The event, which the man regards as a life-changing experience, truly inspired him to turn his life around. The man reported feeling heartbroken over having to see his children watch his get taken away in handcuffs. He felt like a bad person after being arrested and committed himself to getting help. He faithfully attended treatment and served his sentence on a work-release program. He confidently says that he has not had a drink since the day of his arrest. Today, he calls the cop who arrested him on the anniversary of the arrest and thanks him for being firm and concerned for his well-being. The arresting officer reported that it felt good to be able to make a positive impact on one’s life and he commended the man for staying sober, as the cop has seen many cases involving repeat offenders.

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