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Perfectionism in recovery
Overcoming Perfectionism in Recovery

Perfectionism is a common characteristic trait for many people living with active addiction and those in recovery. It seems like a conflicting statement: the drive to be perfect but reliant on substance use as a coping mechanism. In actuality, those in recovery or active addiction tend to hold themselves to incredibly high standards. In many […]

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Control during recovery
What Is in My Control During Recovery?

What is in my control? This can be a difficult question during a time like this where there seems to be so many things that are out of our control. We can’t control when restaurants and businesses are going to open, we can’t control the closing or opening of schools, beaches, the government’s actions, or […]

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Support system in recovery
Why Support Systems Are Important

Imagine a world without any form of support. No one to call, no one to see, no one to reach out to in a time of a crisis and no one to share in your good or bad news. Sounds scary or even unimaginable right? As human beings, our nature is to connect and interact […]

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