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Harsh Realities You Face in Your First Year Sober

There’s a lot of misconceptions and hearsay when it comes to addiction recovery. Knowing what lies ahead helps to quell your concerns and allow you to focus on the journey ahead, instead. Recovery is a journey, not a destination, so recognizing that the path will sometimes get bumpy is important. Anticipating these rough patches helps […]

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5 Things to Say to Your Loved One in Recovery

Being there to support your loved one as they overcoming substance abuse and addiction is vital to their ongoing success in long-term recovery. Rather they say so or not, your support and encouragement means the world. As a supporter, you can help your loved one stay dedicated to their new sober lifestyle by offering encouragement, […]

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Reasons to Get Sober

Anyone who has ever struggled with substance abuse knows how difficult it can be to remain sober. Positive support and expert guidance are necessary to successfully conquer drug addiction. In the most recent Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), it was estimated that almost nine percent of Americans needed help with substance abuse but less than one percent went […]

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