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Court appearance
Making Court Appearances

Unfortunately active addiction can often lead to legal trouble, leading to interactions with law enforcement and court appearances. Knowing how to properly conduct yourself during these times is important: it can make all the difference in your case. If you have an ongoing case which will require upcoming court appearances, keep these 5 tips in […]

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Relationship codependency
Eliminating Codependency

Codependency in active addiction is the mortal enemy of recovery. Reliance on others for your self-worth, financial security, and mental health is a recipe for disaster, especially when substance abuse becomes part of the equation. Codependency leaves us vulnerable to malicious and manipulative people who seek to take advantage of that susceptibility. Codependent relationships between […]

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Nutrition in addiction recovery
Top Nutrient-Rich Foods for Recovery

Recovering from a life of addiction means restoring the balance of mind and body. Along the way the substances we use can throw a wrench in that balance but healing is still possible. Since the goal of recovery is to keep things out of the body that could be potentially harmful or detrimental to your […]

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