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You Are What You Eat: Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

  Research shows eating healthy helps boost recovery from addiction. Simply put, eating healthy equates to flowering physical and mental health.  Despite popular belief, drowning your sorrows in junk food during recovery is the exact opposite of what you should do! Junk food does not contain the nutrients responsible for...

The Secrets of Crystals for Addiction: Alternative Holistic Recovery; Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Wellness

Click to Download! Update: The Holistic Healing, Crystals for Addiction, eBook is available for free. It covers a wider variety of crystals comprehensively, and includes remedies for drugs not mentioned here.  Click the image to download the book for free!   Crystal Healing 101 for Recovering Drug & Alcohol Addicts...

Never Forget: 9/11, Preventing Relapse During Remembrance

September 11th by US Gov. licensed under Public Domain On this day of September 11th in 2001, America suffered one of its greatest tragedies on its native soil. We remember the countless lives lost on the terrorist attack of the Twin Towers. May each soul rest in eternal love and...

Marijuana May Help Treat Opiate Withdrawal

Fighting drug addiction with more drugs seems odd to say the least, especially with a drug that is still considered illegal on a federal level. A new study conducted by Columbia University may have found a correlation between marijuana abating the adverse symptoms of withdrawal for recovering opiate addicts, according...

Dopamine Rich Meals Help Drug & Alcohol Addicts Recover From Addiction

If you are what you eat, wouldn’t you want to eat foods which help promote happiness? What about foods which can help patients with drug and alcohol use disorders overcome drug and alcohol addiction– what if you just want to be happy in general? Well then you should eat foods...

Five Natural Tips To Treating Alcohol Addiction

How common is alcohol abuse in this country? One in three Americans will suffer from some form of problem with alcohol in their lifetime. In additional to a wide array of alcohol related health issues which may arise, alcoholism can also lead to loss of your job, home, family and...

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