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Pay It Forward: Giving Back in Addiction Recovery

September is National Recovery Month! Each year we take this time out to celebrate those on the path of recovery, promote change, and encourage understanding and compassion within our communities. This is a time to reach out as a beacon in the fight to end stigmas, and combat misconceptions about...

Harbor Village National Recovery Month Announcements!

Finally, finally, finally! After lots of excitement and planning, we can finally announce our plans for National Recovery Month! What Comes After: A How-To Guide to AfterCare The first of two new eBooks for National Recovery Month. “What Comes After” is exactly what it sounds like- a guide to help...

Calling All Harbor Village Alumni

The mission of the Alumni Services team at Harbor Village is to assist and support the addiction recovery of each and every person who we cross paths with. As men and women who have come to Harbor Village for help with your substance abuse issues, it’s our privilege to help...

National Recovery Month Photo Contest! Have You Entered?

September is National Recovery Month! It is a time to celebrate the triumphs, learn from the stumbles, and encourage recovery among people who still suffer from addiction. National Recovery Month is also a time to be vocal and open about the effects of drug abuse and the dangers drug use...

National Recovery Month: 5 Things to Do After Rehab

Deciding to enter a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is a daunting and terrifying step to make. It takes courage and determination to let go and admit you need help. Those who take that step should be encouraged and motivated to stay on the path to sobriety; people struggling or...

You Are What You Eat: Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

  Research shows eating healthy helps boost recovery from addiction. Simply put, eating healthy equates to flowering physical and mental health.  Despite popular belief, drowning your sorrows in junk food during recovery is the exact opposite of what you should do! Junk food does not contain the nutrients responsible for...

5th Annual Luncheon Helps Recovering Addicts Spread Awareness

Are you looking to spread addiction awareness while also enjoying a nice meal? Do you have a story you want to share in order to help others coping with substance abuse disorders? An annual luncheon held in Wausau, Wisconsin is helping citizens of Central and North Central Wisconsin do just...

What Does Recovery Look Like? Photo Contest for National Recovery Month

If you didn’t know already, it’s National Recovery Month! September is the time to celebrate recovering from substance abuse- and if you’re still an active user, it’s the time to be inspired to share your addiction stories and get lively support from an active, engaged community. This Recovery Month it’s...

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