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National Recovery Month: Celebrity Recovery Stories

This September we’re spreading encouragement, understanding, and education to celebrate National Recovery Month! It’s no secret that a number of celebrities have been accused of drug abuse and addiction with a few openly admitting to it while many more deny their afflictions until they can no longer hide it. Some...

Memory Erasing Therapy for Addiction Is Here, and It’s Awesome

Not too long ago we wrote a piece extolling the virtues of memory based addiction treatment in its neophyte progression, as introduced by researchers in Florida. But perhaps memory based addiction treatment was not in the beginning of infancy, as we initially presumed. According to Good, Blebbistatin can effectively eradicate...

7 Infamous Giants Who Shook The World While Battling Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Whether overcoming addiction by means of extensive treatment, or diving into your passions, like Iron Chef Jesse Schenker, the disease is sneaky- because it disguises itself as the cure-all remedy for depression, anxiety, social stress, and anger. Those who turn to drugs and alcohol as a source of overcoming personal grief can...

Mental Illness and Addiction: Nature vs. Nurture

This September we’re celebrating National Recovery Month with new perspectives on the causes of addiction! The concept of nature versus nurture in psychology has been controversial since its introduction in the 19th century. There are numerous viewpoints on the impact one’s genetic disposition has on one’s life in comparison to...

U.S. House Approves The Protecting Our Infants Act for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Amid the throes of the opiate epidemic, our nation is riddled with heroin and prescription opiate addiction- their effects are felt throughout all communities, negatively impacting political, social, and professional spectrums. The condition has become far reaching enough to manifest itself in newborns, who are brought into the world addicted...

National Recovery Month: 5 Things that Trigger Relapse and How to Avoid Them

One of the most common misconceptions about recovering from addiction is that once withdrawal ends, the person in recovery doesn’t experience further cravings. It leads to the stigma and shameful idea that those who do experience cravings are somehow failing and weak. The reality is that cravings for a substance...

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