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Relationship codependency
Eliminating Codependency

Codependency in active addiction is the mortal enemy of recovery. Reliance on others for your self-worth, financial security, and mental health is a recipe for disaster, especially when substance abuse becomes part of the equation. Codependency leaves us vulnerable to malicious and manipulative people who seek to take advantage of that susceptibility. Codependent relationships between […]

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What say to loved one in recovery
5 Things to Say to Your Loved One in Recovery

Being there to support your loved one as they overcoming substance abuse and addiction is vital to their ongoing success in long-term recovery. Rather they say so or not, your support and encouragement means the world. As a supporter, you can help your loved one stay dedicated to their new sober lifestyle by offering encouragement, […]

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Explain addiction to children
How to Explain Addiction to Children

Children are sponges. They absorb information better than any of us. If you think your problem is going over their head, think again. Although your child doesn’t understand the gravity of a chronic substance use disorder, the disease’s effects will long remain: Binging nights, erratic outbursts, nights withdrawal crept in— or perhaps you’re the functioning addict. Drunk only after work. […]

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