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Sober relationship
Things to Protect in a Sober Relationship

We’ve touched on the topic of dating and relationships while in recovery before: some believe a good relationship can aid your recovery, while others urge focusing on yourself without a partner. While I tend to believe each case is unique and should be treated as such, there are a few valid reasons for concern: The […]

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Friends in recovery
5 Friends You Need in Recovery

You often hear that recovery is a road you have to walk alone, but that’s not strictly true. Yes, you and only you can put in the work to get you to your recovery goals, but the company you keep along the way is important. We’ve already talked about toxic people and knowing how to […]

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Partner in recovery
When Only One Partner Is in Recovery

Being on the other side of addiction and in recovery is a powerful and inspiring experience. When your eyes are truly opened to how dedication and commitment can change your life, wanting others to experience it as well is only natural. But what happens when they refuse? People are often reluctant to leave the safety […]

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