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Out of state rehab
5 Reasons Out-of-State Treatment Is Best for You in 2021

Most people seeking an addiction recovery program do their research in a very specific, restricted area: within about 10 miles of their home. Sometimes that radius can be expanded to include the entirety of the state, but rarely does one consider the broader horizons that out-of-state treatment can provide. This self-imposed limitation can lead to […]

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Group considering Drug Addiction Treatment in Miami
What is the Marchman Act?

Watching your loved one struggle with addiction is never easy. Though we may want to help, many of us don’t know how, or may end up engaging in enabling behaviors thinking we’re helping. We know how frustrating it can be to feel helpless in the face of addiction, whether you are on the inside of […]

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Hashish addiction
Overdose and Toxicity of Hashish

An overdose may occur when the body in inundated with an influx of a substance which over saturated the body’s natural receptors. In the case of cannabis derived substances like hashish, the possibility of overdose is usually disregarded and pushed to the side as an impossibility. The general perception is only “hard drugs” like heroin […]

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