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Explain addiction to children
How to Explain Addiction to Children

Children are sponges. They absorb information better than any of us. If you think your problem is going over their head, think again. Although your child doesn’t understand the gravity of a chronic substance use disorder, the disease’s effects will long remain: Binging nights, erratic outbursts, nights withdrawal crept in— or perhaps you’re the functioning addict. Drunk only after work. […]

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How to know addiction
How Do I Know if I Have an Addiction?

Oftentimes when speaking about signs of addiction our minds automatically think of addiction in relation to illicit substances like drugs or alcohol. However addiction comes in many different forms and is not only linked to substance use. One may be addicted to sex, gambling, shopping, eating, playing video games, going to the gym and exercise. […]

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Packing for rehab
4 Tips for Preparing for Rehab in 2021

Preparing to enter an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab program is, in many ways, akin to preparing to go off to college. Getting the most out of both experiences requires a fair amount of pre-planning, follow through, and earnest effort. Just like the decision to pursue higher education can benefit your future, beginning your journey […]

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