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New Research Proves the Language We Use Everyday Can Prevent Those in Need of Addiction Treatment from Getting It

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, because it’s the language we use everyday. We’ve never thought we were hurting anyone before, because it was the social norm- expected of us. Well, not anymore. New research released from the U.S.’s Drug Czar Michael Botticelli, in conjunction with Dr. John F. Kelly,...

3 Ways to Help a Loved One Get Help For Substance Abuse

One of the most layered dilemmas surrounding drug abuse is knowing someone who needs help, and not being able to convince them to go to rehabilitation therapy. The Huffington Post recently published a list of suggestions for loved ones to help speed along the healing process. We have a few...

Parents Not Looking for Help for Drug-Addicted Children

Jan. 5th– 225 out of 306 kids placed in foster care in yellowstone County, Montana were done so because of parental drug abuse, according to the Billings Gazette. 60% of foster care cases are a direct result of substance abuse. Specifically, the illegal usage of methamphetamine. One of the more...

Could your Teens be Affected by Popular Drug Trends?

Jan. 5th– In response to growing concern for America’s youth, the Columbia Basin herald reports that residents assembled in Moses Lake, Id to educate parents on popular drug trends. Mounting concern is revolving around the seemingly benevolent e-cigarette, which was designed to help nicotine addicts stop smoking cigarettes. Allegedly, teenagers...

Parents and Kids Drinking Together: Good Idea?

Based on a serious of CNN articles, entitled Is Drinking with Your Kids at Home a Good Idea? (7/18), one parent takes a look at the reality of whether or not drinking with her kids is beneficial or harmful for their future with alcohol. While this mother sites specific studies...

High School Students Share Their Personal Stories About Drug Abuse

As reported by WYMT TV, two Eastern Kentucky high school students have began to share their stories with the world after overcoming their personal drug addictions. One student, Kimberly Barett, related her struggle to a similar struggle that her father had. She felt that watching her dad go through substance...

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