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Hashish addiction
Overdose and Toxicity of Hashish

An overdose may occur when the body in inundated with an influx of a substance which over saturated the body’s natural receptors. In the case of cannabis derived substances like hashish, the possibility of overdose is usually disregarded and pushed to the side as an impossibility. The general perception is only “hard drugs” like heroin […]

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Uppers and downers
What’s the Difference? Uppers and Downers

Perhaps the most basic means of categorizing illicit substances falls into two large groups: Uppers and downers. Uppers, downers, and the substances which fall into these categories have different physical and mental effects, but there are some commonalities. Both uppers and downers interact with the central nervous system, either exciting or suppressing it to achieve the desired […]

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Snorting questions answered
All of Your Snorting Questions Answered: 16 Weird Things to Stop Snorting

After my unfortunate escapades on briefly covering a middle school boy snorting smartie-shaped methamphetamine, I wanted to know how common instances like these are. I took to google to hopefully discover obscure stories from decades past. My main focus was snorting strange things- and the internet delivered all too well. Because there are so many […]

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