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Mental health disorder
Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders and Addiction

Double the trouble, double the stigma: being diagnosed with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders can make recovery feel impossible. The reality is that co-occurring mental health disorders are more common in the recovery community than we think. In fact, there’s a lot you need to know- let’s start with these 5 things: When it […]

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Out of state addiction treatment rehab
Why Out of State Addiction Treatment Might Be Best

Most people seeking an addiction recovery program do their research in a very specific, restricted area: within about 10 miles of their home. Sometimes that radius can be expanded to include the entirety of the state, but rarely does one consider the broader horizons that out-of-state treatment can provide. This self-imposed limitation can lead to […]

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Reasons to get sober
Reasons to Get Sober

Anyone who has ever struggled with substance abuse knows how difficult it can be to remain sober. Positive support and expert guidance are necessary to successfully conquer drug addiction. In the most recent Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), it was estimated that almost nine percent of Americans needed help with substance abuse but less than one percent went […]

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